Introducing the UK's Biggest Supplier of Cannabis - Dr. Hemp Me CBD

When the founder of Dr. Hemp Me CBD oil Brian Cusack left the banking industry for the CBD & Cannabis marketplace, he had one goal in mind, to bring quality CBD products to the marketplace. A feat he has achieved with all the CBD products seen on there amazing website.

The driving force behind the company is that no two CBD oil products are ever the same, and Dr. Hemp Me has proven this fact in more ways than one.

For customers in the UK, Dr. Hemp Me CBD is a brand that has given many people a new lease on life. Research studies have shown that CBD has many health benefits which includes pain management, inflammation, and discomfort that come with age, injuries, exercise, or work. It is the relationship between cannabinoids and the bodies endocannabinoid system that provides these benefits. The endocannabinoid system has been seen to regulate, mood appetite and sleep.

Currently, Dr. Hemp Me has lots of quality cannabis products to its name, including CBD oil for pets and humans, capsules, coffee, CBD Pastes, & CBD Gummies, and body cream. Its future looks bright as it is exploring all avenues of the CBD market place for future products and solutions to the numerous ailments. From speaking to the owner various other formations like CBD and turmeric are in the works.

The cannabis plants used in the formulation of there CBD is non-gmo and grown without the use of pesticides & chemicals to ensure to highest quality product. No added terpenes or flavonoids. All there oil is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction to ensure the oil is safe for use.

To order please go to Dr. Hemp Me’s website & to see all there Black Friday CBD deals.

Click on the link to view there Trustpilot CBD oil Reviews.

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CBD Oil 5%

CBD Oil 10%

CBD Oil 20%

Strengths of CBD oil

Getting the right strength is important in how the oil works for you. While most people do not regard CBD oil as a drug per se, it is one. Cannabis products are completly safe to use and and have no toxicity so do not worry about overdosing. However, the concentration does play a very crucial factor in the use.

Lower strengths are great for relaxation, anxiety, emotional calmness, and anything that has to do with the mind. The higher the concentration, the more potent the CBD oil will be. If you are new to CBD oils, starting with a higher concentration may increase the severity of an ailment like anxiety in some people, but it is rare.

It is essential to know that CBD oils are biphasic, which means different concentrations have a different effect on the body. People with aches, pain, or inflammation and related illnesses can start with higher concentrations without any side effects.

Why it is important to get the strength right!

Lower strengths are much better for anything to do with the mind. Higher strengths may actually exasperate anxiety (although this is rare). Hemp CBD oil is biphasic meaning different strengths do different things. Higher strengths on the other hand are necessary for pain and inflammation related illnesses.

To use drop the oil under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds before swallowing.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil 20% (Editor’s Choice)

If you are new CBD oil and suffer from acute pain and inflammation, this is the right concentration for you. Also known as the superdose, this 20% CBD oil tincture contains 2000mg of CBD and the perfect concentration users who desire a strong dose of cannabinoids without any effect. This CBD oil is extracted using the cleanest methods in the industry to ensure all the components that make it effective are captured in the product. In addition to the potency, it is the most effective oil with a super-fast absorption rate to help relieve pain and inflammation. Now, if you have any resistance or are immune to the effects of CBD and need powerful oil for your pain, the 20% will breakthrough your body’s resolves and effect change and healing where necessary. They also have a German version of this oil CBD Öl 20%.


  • Uses the SCFE extraction process for 100 percent purity and efficacy
  • Full-spectrum oil to provide the entourage effect naturally
  • Strong and effective solution for aches and pains in Europe
  • Excellent absorption without any irritation or residue


  • It is expensive
  • Not to be used for anxiety or for calming purposes
  • Strong hemp flavor might put people off

Dr. Hemp Me Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10% (perfect Middle dose)

Not sure where you belong to on the CBD oil train, this is a good start.  This CBD oil is a perfect balance and a great start for users just venturing into alternative medicine and the world of CBD and cannabis-related products.

Fortified with the same potency as the CBD 20%, this tincture contains 1000mg of power to help relieve pains and inflammation gradually. It is effective for people suffering from anxiety and depression as it provides a calming and soothing effect that helps you to relax and stay focused.

Like other Dr. Hemp cannabis products, the CBD 10% is full-spectrum oil that contains the complete benefit of CBD and other cannabinoids working together in unison to increase the benefits of the products when used.

This CBD 10% contains over 100 cannabinoids with traces of THC for a truly balancing effect for everyday use. They also have a German version of this oil CBD Öl 10%.


  • A great starting point to the world of CBD oil
  • Incredible for calming the mind – anxiety, depression and even insomnia
  • Can be easily incorporated into your daily use without any side effect
  • Well-balance between the weak and strong CBD oils


  • Still expensive even though it cost half the price of the CBD 20%
  • Not powerful enough for people suffering for deep pains and inflammation

Overall, it is a great product with an equally strong absorption rate and tolerance for first-time users of CBD oil.

Full Spectrum CBD oil 5% (Starter Pack)

Enjoy 500mg of pure Cannabidiol with this Dr. Hemp Me to calm panic attack, anxiety, and depression. This is also a great way to introduce users to the holistic benefits of CBD oil. Available in a 200ml in a bottle, the CBD 5% is so potent that you need just a drop to start but can be increased gradually as the user gets used to the effect of CBD and cannabinoids in their system.

If you are looking to calm your nerves or relax without overloading your body system, this oil is for you.

As potent as this oil is, it is not effective in relieving aches, pain, or inflammation as the cannabis concentration is too weak to induce a lasting effect of CBD oils. 


  • A great product to introduce yourself to CBD oils
  • Relaxes and calm you with just a drop
  • Does not cause any feeling of being high or drowsiness
  • Mellow taste due to concentration


  • Not effective for pains and inflammation
  • Will have zero effect for a user with a higher tolerance level

Full Spectrum Cannabidiol 40%

This is a 4000 mg powerful cannabidiol concentration with multiple uses. However, due to the super high extraction method that Dr. Hemp Me uses, the extract was too potent for the carrier oil hence caused it to crystallise. This crystallisation occurred due to the extreme purity of the oil. Therefore to use the CBD 40%, users were asked to place the bottle in simmering water until the crystals dissolved before application. For some this oil is necessary if they have a higher tolerance for CBD however for most this oil is not needed. Do not waste your money on this oil unless you have already tried lower cannabis concentrations.


  • Potent, reliable and effective among the CBD oil
  • Excellent for all-purpose for users with high CBD tolerance
  • Superfast absorbance when used
  • Contain the full range of entourage compound for faster effect


  • Very powerful for starter and user with less CBD tolerance
  • Not for starters

Cannabidiol for pets

Everyone is benefitting from the powerful effect of CBD oil, and pets have not been left behind. The problem is getting a reliable product. If you have a pet that needs a CBD treatment, Dr. Hemp Me should be the brand of choice.

Hemp Oil for Pet 3%

Pets too suffer from anxiety and restlessness, and CBD oils have proven to work effectively in calming them down. The CBD oil 3% concentration is for pets weighing less than 20kg. They should be administered 2 to 4 drops in their food, water, or directly into their mouth. For pets that weigh 20kg or more, the full-spectrum CBD oil 5% is a better and effective option for their ailment.


  • An affordable way to treat your pet
  • Safer and convenient
  • Can be ingested by human too


  • Too much can increase the severity of the ailment.

Featured Hemp Products

CBD Gummies

Are you looking for CBD oil you can chew? Or do you hate the taste of the oils? Are you a vegan, Muslim, or need CBD oil that is also great for kids? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, try the Dr. Hemp Me CBD gummies.

These edible, flavorful, and chewy gummies contain the right amount of CBD oil at just 25 mg making them great for all ages. This product is made with wholesome, natural ingredients and contains no gluten, artificial additives, or preservatives. This makes them the best option for vegans too.


  • Has amazing fruity flavors and super tasty
  • Low concentration of CBD oil makes it suitable for kids
  • Chewy but not stick
  • Great for people who hate the strong smell of regular CBD oils
  • The gummies are of different colors and fruity flavors


  • Although the CBD level is low, care should be taken to avoid overdose
  • Not for people with high tolerance level to CBD

CBD Capsules

If you are looking for an alternative to CBD oils but want something more private with a subtle odor, this is the right choice for you.  These CBD capsules are another great product from Dr. Hemp Me. It allows you to have your CBD dose anywhere you go without offended anyone.

 These capsules are regarded as dietary supplements because of their composition and are a great way to control your CBD intake without overdosing. The box contains 30 capsules of 10mg each, with 100 percent natural oils, including hemp seed oil, and sunflower oil, CBD, and CBDa for a healthy body.


  • Can be taken any time of the day
  • A great alternative to the strong taste and smell of CBD oils
  • Completely natural and vegan compliant
  • Contains zero GMO and is gluten-free
  • Easily digestible and absorbed in the body
  • Allows you to measure your doses accurately


  • Part of the potency is lost due to the long process
  • It is expensive

What sets Dr. Hemp Me Apart from other brands

The health benefits of Cannabis and CBD products have circulated the world. Its uses range from the smallest problems to severe complications that defile medication. However, walking into a health shop and picking a brand of CBD oil leaves you at the mercy of impure and fake products.

Dr. Hemp Me has built a reputation for producing the best quality CBD oils via the best extraction technique with 100 percent purity for the consumers. Some reason to buy Dr. Hemp Me CBD oils and CBD products are:-

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All Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Quality is the watchword with every Dr. Hemp Me CBD product. The brand has gone all out to use the highest extraction technique to ensure all potent components from the cannabis plant are in every product in the right measure. This increases their efficacy and yields a positive result when used for all types of conditions.

Third-Party Lab Reports

This is reports from certified labs in the country that have tested the product and can vouch for its authenticity.

Extraction Method

Dr. Hemp Me uses the SCFE technique that separates every component in their pure form before combining it for your consumption.

Read Reviews

The customer reviews say a thousand words more than the product. These are people who have found relief from their ailments by using Dr. Hemp Me CBD products.

The Legality of CBD oil in the UK

While it is not illegal to grow hemp to extract its oil in the UK, CBD oil with a detectable amount of THC and CBN is considered illegal in the UK. With that said, full-spectrum CBD oils are considered illegal as they contain more than 0.02% of THC and CBN.

However, it can be sold in the UK if it is not labeled as a drug or curative compound. Hence CBD oil as a supplement is allowed for sale in the UK. As CBD use and regulations change, the strong hand of the law is gradually easing on the use of CBD as more stores now stock and sell them.

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Where to buy CBD oil in the UK?

Most CBD oil users purchase CBD from registered online stores within or outside the UK. As long as it stays the product obeys the THC component, it is considered legal and can be bought in stores too.

Dr. Hemp Me Products

Hemp Guide & FAQ

The CBD oil 10% is the most popular and used Dr. Hemp Me product. It is the perfect balance between strong and not-to-strong for regular CBD users and first-timers.
It allows customers to reference a batch number which verifies the safety of the product. It also allows consumers to know that the product is of high-quality and not a sham.
Full-spectrum CBD oil means all the efficacious and healing properties of the hemp plant are contained in the oil. This increases its potency and effectiveness for the user.
Currently, Dr. Hemp Me delivers only within Ireland, and the rest of Europe. The delivery cost depends on the country.
Finally, we are at the end. Dr. Hemp Me is one of the best CBD oils and CBD based products on the market. Their products pass through rigorous testing, third-party lab approval, regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association, and 100 percent high-quality. If you are looking for powerful, dependable, and purity in a CBD product, look no further than Dr. Hemp Me product.

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