Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday CBD Oil Deals in the UK - 2020


Black Friday is on the way and no doubt you will be doing your research into the best deals you can get for all your favourite products. For some people using CBD oil is essential and it is during Black Friday that some of the best deals on CBD can be found.

Below is our growing list of CBD oil deals for UK customers. We will be updating the list as they come in.

Our recommendation is based on quality of the product and also discount. For that reason we decided to choose Dr. Hemp Me’s 20% CBD oil. It is for customers who need a high dose of CBD usually for pain and inflammation related issues and other serious medical issues. You really cannot go wrong with this. Retailing at £99.95 it is £59.95 on Black Friday which is an amazing offer. Free delivery as well 🙂

Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil 40%

Was: £199.95

Sale Price: £149.95

This is a 4000 mg powerful cannabidiol concentration with multiple uses. However, due to the super high extraction method that Dr. Hemp Me uses, the extract was too potent for the carrier oil hence caused it to crystallise. This crystallisation occurred due to the extreme purity of the oil. Therefore to use the CBD 40%, users were asked to place the bottle in simmering water until the crystals dissolved before application. For some this oil is necessary if they have a higher tolerance for CBD however for most this oil is not needed. Do not waste your money on this oil unless you have already tried lower cannabis concentrations.

Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil 20%

Was: £99.95

Sale Price: £59.95

If you are new CBD oil and suffer from acute pain and inflammation, this is the right concentration for you. Also known as the superdose, this 20% CBD oil tincture contains 2000mg of CBD and the perfect concentration users who desire a strong dose of cannabinoids without any effect. This CBD oil is extracted using the cleanest methods in the industry to ensure all the components that make it effective are captured in the product. In addition to the potency, it is the most effective oil with a super-fast absorption rate to help relieve pain and inflammation. Now, if you have any resistance or are immune to the effects of CBD and need powerful oil for your pain, the 20% will breakthrough your body’s resolves and effect change and healing where necessary. They also have a German version of this oil CBD Öl 20%.

CBD Oil 10%

Was: £49.95

Sale Price: £34.95

Not sure where you belong to on the CBD oil train, this is a good start.  This CBD oil is a perfect balance and a great start for users just venturing into alternative medicine and the world of CBD and cannabis-related products.

Fortified with the same potency as the CBD 20%, this tincture contains 1000mg of power to help relieve pains and inflammation gradually. It is effective for people suffering from anxiety and depression as it provides a calming and soothing effect that helps you to relax and stay focused.

Like other Dr. Hemp cannabis products, the CBD 10% is full-spectrum oil that contains the complete benefit of CBD and other cannabinoids working together in unison to increase the benefits of the products when used.

This CBD 10% contains over 100 cannabinoids with traces of THC for a truly balancing effect for everyday use. They also have a German version of this oil CBD Öl 10%.

CBD Oil 5%

Was: £24.95

Sale Price: £14.95

Enjoy 500mg of pure Cannabidiol with this Dr. Hemp Me to calm panic attack, anxiety, and depression. This is also a great way to introduce users to the holistic benefits of CBD oil. Available in a 200ml in a bottle, the CBD 5% is so potent that you need just a drop to start but can be increased gradually as the user gets used to the effect of CBD and cannabinoids in their system.

If you are looking to calm your nerves or relax without overloading your body system, this oil is for you.

As potent as this oil is, it is not effective in relieving aches, pain, or inflammation as the cannabis concentration is too weak to induce a lasting effect of CBD oils. 

CBD Gummies

Was: £40

Sale Price: £30

Are you looking for CBD oil you can chew? Or do you hate the taste of the oils? Are you a vegan, Muslim, or need CBD oil that is also great for kids? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, try the Dr. Hemp Me CBD gummies.

These edible, flavorful, and chewy gummies contain the right amount of CBD oil at just 25 mg making them great for all ages. This product is made with wholesome, natural ingredients and contains no gluten, artificial additives, or preservatives. This makes them the best option for vegans too.


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