Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday CBD Oil Deals in the UK – 2021

black friday sale uk cbd oil supplements for men and women

Black Friday is on the way and no doubt you will be doing your research into the best deals you can get for all your favourite CBD products. For some people using CBD oil is essential and it is during Black Friday Week that some of the best deals for CBD can be found.

CBD oils, lotions and edibles are some of the most popular form of supplementation in the UK. The all natural hemp extract used to make these food supplements are the main reason people choose to add them to their diet, not to mind the wealth of anecdotal evidence regarding Cannabidiol (CBD) and various health concerns. 

Just like other additives to a balanced diet it can be expensive to keep up this healthy habit every month so it is certainly worth stocking up on your go-to’s now. Black Friday Week gives consumers the chance to buy in bulk at a discounted price, so don’t miss the opportunity of grabbing some well deserved savings on your hemp products. 

My favourite brand, Dr. Hemp Me are running a generous 11 day sale on their stock…

BF Sale Countdown

Black Friday CBD Oil Deals – UK 

We have a growing list of CBD oil deals for UK customers and will be updating the list as the deals come in.

Top ProductsBlack Friday DealShop NowWhat You Get
#1 CBD Oil 20%Buy 1 Get 1 FREEBuy Nowcbd oils with vitamins and minerals 20%
#2 CBD Oil 10%Buy 1 Get 1 FREEBuy Nowcbd food supplement for body and mind 10%
#3 CBD GummiesBuy 1 Get 1 FREEBuy Nowcbd gummies fruit food supplement
#4 CBD Oil 30%Buy 1 Get 1 FREEBuy Nowcbd oil tincture for the body and mind 30%
#5 CBD PasteBuy 1 Get 1 FREEBuy Now40% 20% 80% cbd paste high potency

Our recommendation is based on quality of the product and also the discount. For that reason we decided to choose Dr. Hemp Me’s 20% CBD oil. It is for customers who need a high dose of CBD usually for pain and inflammation related issues and other health issues. 

Shop Now

The History of Black Friday

Believe it or not Black Friday sales day only became a trend in the UK back in 2010. Trickling over the Atlantic Ocean from the United States this annual day of discount shopping originated from an unofficial holiday after Thanksgiving. 

The words Black Friday originally came from policemen commenting on the rise in footfall and traffic in Philadelphia city the day after Thanksgiving due to many people taking time off work for the holiday. 

Soon the term evolved to mark a day of sales across the country as businesses saw the day as an opportunity to drop prices and increase revenue prior to Christmas. Over time this trend spread to the UK and other countries nearby and resulted in what now many refer to as Black Friday and the addition of Cyber Monday. 

When is Black Friday 2021?

This year you can grab Black Friday deals on November 26th. Many brands begin their sales in advance of this date however for Black Friday Week. 

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday will fall on November 29th this year. Most online retailers take particular advantage of this day, as the name suggests, it is specifically for brands which have an online presence. 


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