A Review of the UK’s Best CBD Oil Wholesale Company

Dr. Hemp Me CBD oil is one of Europe’s most trusted brands for Cannabidiol CBD products. All of its oils and related extracts are regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA). The company manufactures a wide range of CBD products, ranging from edibles, skincare, pastes, vape oils, capsules, and pet care products.

Dr. Hemp Me offers three main programs to people and businesses interested in the CBD industry:

Wholesale Cannabidiol Program

The wholesale program gives you access to discounts and all profitability associated with the economies of scale. Dr. Hemp Me produces full-spectrum CBD oil products that feature all the oils and terpenoids available in the hemp. The products are potent and well-reviewed across Europe. The European CBD business has soared in last few years and is expected to reach 7 billion by 2023 worldwide.

As a stockist, you get to market and attract clients using the brand’s reputation for quality. Dr. Hemp Me has a 4.7 star Trustpilot rating. For more information please visit Dr. Hemp Me’s Trustpilot profile.

What We Like

Dr. Hemp Me's wholesale program has three main strengths:

  • Value
  • Reputation
  • Variety
  • Delivery

Value for Money

CBD extracted using the Supercritical CO2 method is purer and more potent than its alternatives. Dr. Hemp Me uses the entirety of the plant in the extraction, ensuring that the resultant oil has everything the plant has to offer.

For wholesale price lists and offers, send your query to brian@drhempme.com.

Reputation for Quality

People trust high-quality brands. Stocking a well-reviewed brand affords you the luxury of selling something that's already reputable. Dr. Hemp Me is only one of two CBD producers in Ireland who are regulated by the CTA. There's not much competition as far as reputation goes.

CBD Variety

The CBD oil market is versatile, and Dr. Hemp Me produces products that cover a wide variety of health needs. You'll have greater flexibility when determining a niche.

The ability to venture into the niche of your choice allows you to leverage previous expertise. If you are in the skincare market, for example, you have the option to focus on the benefits of CBD for skincare and the products associated with this instead of learning an entirely new trade.


Dr. Hemp Me takes a maximum of 3 days to deliver anywhere in Europe. This dependable and quick turnaround time will help you keep up with customer demands and adapt your buying cycles more quickly when you notice a change in market dynamics.

What to Watch Out For

Dr. Hemp Me's CBD wholesale program is very popular. For good profit margins, ensure that you don't set up shop where another stockist dominates. If you are determined to sell where another dominates, try and specialize in different products. For example, if the existing stockist caters to humans, you may opt to focus on pet care products.

CBD Oil UK - Kemp House

Whitelabel CBD Program

White labelling allows you to repackage, rebrand, and sell a product as your own. You get to determine the prices, giving you greater control over your profit margins.

White labelling is perfectly legal, and very popular in the CBD industry: Over half of the CBD brands in Europe are white labels. 

What We Like

White labelling Dr. Hemp Me's products offers four advantages:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Potency
  • Tested Waters
  • Upselling Opportunities

Quality Assurance

All products come with a certificate of analysis. All testing is done at Eirlab, which is regarded as an industry leader in cannabinoid testing.

With the results, you can earn the customers’ confidence and build a solid reputation for your brand. You also get all the legal certification from Dr. Hemp, so you only need to focus on marketing your brand.

Cannabidiol Potency

Dr. Hemp produces some of Europe's most potent cannabidiols. These products can help you attract customers and market your brand.

Tested Waters

With Dr. Hemp products, you're building your brand around products that the market already approves. You can focus on marketing your brand because the company handles the product aspect of your goods.

You also have the advantage of hindsight. White labelling allows you to build your brand around tested markets. You can rebrand the best selling products and repackage them to appeal even more to the relevant demographics.

With Dr. Hemp's white label program, you get the company's research on labelling options and the latest market trends to help you build your bran

Upselling Opportunities

If you are already a trusted name in a given market, you get to rebrand a relevant Dr. Hemp product and upsell your clients.

The quality of these products will help you forge a stronger presence in your current market. With the versatility of CBD and the vast array of Dr. Hemp products, you should be able to find a product relevant to your industry.

What to Watch Out For in the CBD Industry

Pricing and packaging can make or break your white label. However, the size of most Dr. Hemp Me products is very limiting. Most products can only be rebranded, not repackaged into any smaller portions. That might be problematic if you wanted more flexibility in the size of your final products.

Write to Brian at brian@drhempme.comfor the price lists relevant to white labelling.

Affiliate Programs

With the Dr. Hemp Me affiliate program, you get a 25% commission on everything your referrals spend. With this program, you get all the banner ads and images you’ll need to attract referrals. You also get access to powerful tracking software that records your wins for you.

What We Like

You get high commissions selling a product that is already well-received in the European markets. Also, the tracking software frees you to focus more on finding leads.

What to Watch Out For

Affiliate marketing is only as successful as your strategy. You need to feature in or operate a high-traffic website to get good income. If you don’t have a decent online presence, guest blog for high DR websites: If that seems like too much work, the wholesale program may be a better option for you.

The CBD Verdict

Dr. Hemp Me’s programs are profitable and easy to join. They are decently priced to allow good profit margins with reduced efforts from participants. That said, take time to study each program and understand the market before venturing out. This is especially true for white labelling. You need more than a popular and high-quality product to succeed, you also need a program that is best-suited for you.

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