A Review of the UK’s Best CBD Paste

Cannabidiol extract products have appeared recently in many countries, including the UK. People use it for a variety of ailments ranging from minor aches to chronic pain, as well as getting a better night’s sleep. CBD is found in many products, including oils and pastes, to make it more convenient to consume or take with you on the go. Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD Paste is full spectrum meaning that CBD is not the only cannabinoid within the oil. There is actually over 100 cannabinoids found in trace amounts with CBD being the most prominent one.

We’ve reviewed Dr Hemp Me and found it to be the best CBD paste the UK has to offer. Dr. Hemp Me offer a wide range of products not just CBD paste, they include, oils, capsules, gummies, coffee & creams.

How to Take CBD Paste

Dosing CBD pastes is straightforward with Dr Hemp Me, as it comes with a marked syringe that you can use to pull out the exact amount you need with no waste. Other Cannabidiol brands have you squeeze out the amount you need, but too much may come out all at once. With a syringe, you can pull out the exact amount. Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD pastes have three different strengths, 40%, 70% & 80%.

If your syringe is broken or missing, you squeeze some paste on the tip of your clean fingernail and take it as usual.

The recommended dosage is one half to one grain of CBD paste rice, which you place under your tongue. Your saliva will break down the CBD for better absorption. Please wait 90 seconds before swallowing it, and 2-3 minutes before drinking any liquids so as not to dilute the effects.

The taste may be stronger than you’re used to, so keep that in mind before you buy it. If intense flavours turn you off, you may have difficulty taking this.

THC can be found in trace amounts in this CBD paste. The percentage is less than 0.03% to ensure compliance with local UK Cannabis extract laws.

How Much CBD Paste to Take

If you are starting out taking CBD products, you need to start with the lowest percentage of 5% to get used to the effects. Users who are using it for mental health issues may want to stay on the low end of the spectrum, while users who need chronic pain relief may wish to use higher doses.

Dr Hemp Me’s CBD paste starts at 40%, which is recommended for occasional minor aches or pains. Their 70% paste is best used for people who have difficulty sleeping or relaxing due to more frequent pains.

If you’re one of the unlucky people who suffer from chronic pain, you may want to try their 80% paste, which is the highest CBD paste you can get.

Do not take more than 46.6 mg of CBD at one time.

Only you know how certain things affect your body, so experiment with how much paste you need at one time to get the minimum effects. Start with the lowest recommended dose and go from there if you experience any adverse symptoms from taking too much, back off and seek medical attention.

Benefits of CBD Paste

Past CBD users report that they have less pain and anxiety while using this product. You can use this product for general wellness and mental health, as well as other ailments.

While CBD paste extract does not cure any ailments, it may help to alleviate these problems, and more. It is thought that CBD activates the serotonin “feel good” hormone and other pain receptors, which may work with any pain medications you are taking. But, use caution as CBD can cause dangerous interactions with some medicines.

If you are taking CBD for chronic pain, the higher dosage will benefit you more than a lower dose. On the other hand, if you are taking it for mental health or anxiety, lower doses work better to help calm your nervous system. CBD works with humans and pets simply because we have an endocannabinoid system, it is this system to which the receptors that interact with CBD are found. The endocannabinoid system has been found to regulate, sleep, appetite and mood.

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD paste is full spectrum which means it contains all the cannabinoids & terpenes in the whole plant not just a few. CBD isolate has only one cannabinoid which is CBD. Broad Spectrum CBD has multiple cannabinoids which may include CBD, CBG, CBN etc but it never has all the cannabinoids like a full spectrum CBD oil/paste.

The reason the full spectrum is the optimal oil is because it benefits from having all the cannabinoids working in synergy together in what is known as the entourage effect.

Possible Side Effects

While CBD paste may provide many benefits, you should also know what possible side effects may happen with this product.

Dizziness, dry mouth, and appetite changes are among the known side effects of taking CBD paste and other general CBD products.

If you are taking CBD paste, be sure to check with your doctor to have your enzymes tested, as this may be a sign of liver inflammation.


Dr Hemp Me uses only the purest ingredients in the CBD paste. All of there CBD comes from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L). Only CBD oil and decarboxylated hemp extract go into this paste, so you know you’re getting only the best ingredients.

A note about decarboxylated hemp paste: Decarboxylated is the process by which the plant material is heated up and dried to activate specific reactions in the plant and to extract certain desired compounds.

While other manufacturers use other oils like coconut oil in their paste, Dr Hemp Me only uses CBD oil and hemp paste, so you get the full effect of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Who Should Avoid CBD Paste?

CBD paste is not for everyone, as it may have some unwanted side effects for people with certain health conditions. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this paste, as the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against the use of any CBD products during this time. The effects of these products may cause potential risks to the baby’s development.

Medication interaction is also a big concern, as there are enzymes in CBD that impact the metabolization of certain medications. It is advised to take any cannabidiol product two hours before or two hours after any medication.

Check with your doctor before using this cannabidiol product, as there may be medication substitutes that you can use while using CBD paste.

Ordering Information


Dr Hemp Me’s CBD paste is genuinely the best in the UK, as it uses only the purest and freshest ingredients, giving you more CBD per dose. While the paste may be more expensive per gram than oil, you get more CBD per gram, which means you use less than you otherwise would with oil. All of there CBD pastes and CBD extracts are independently lab tested to ensure every batch is of the highest quality and each customer knows exactly what is in the oil that they are consuming.

Each hemp plant is grown organically without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

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